We are RainFellows. A team of coaches, consultants and mentors having more than 20 years of experience with introducing Agile and Lean principles and methods in complex and highly evolving environments such as technological and telecommunication companies. We started our consulting team in Scandinavian company Tieto in 2006. We were members of Finish IT cluster focused on scaling Agile and Lean in various contexts including startups as well as international corporations. In 2013 we founded RainFellows, our own consulting company. In 2016 we co-founded/joined three other startups: IQ kuchyně & interiéry, Avogado and Newired. We apply the same principles to our own companies. We are eating our own dog food.

We are members of top expert group Red Button. We have co-founded sharing platforms for IT geeks (TechMeetup Ostrava) and entrepreneurs (BusinessCon).

Our team

Lenka Turečková

Finance and controlling

Her woman’s intuition combined with care of every detail provides a background of successful RainFellows.

Petr Martinásek

Petr has been in contact with RainFellows since 2013 when he worked as Agile Coach in Tieto company. Most recently, Petr was Scrum Master at Kentico Software where they elevated Agility at Kentico to TOP reference level.

Radek Gajdušek

He loves to help and assist teams directly on site, where he can take part in transformation journey together with them instead of advise them from presentation slides only. Radek is well respected expert in Czech Agile community.

Pavol Sojčík

Agilist in body, mind and soul, a long-term active member of the Czech Agile community. Thanks to his strong empathy, he is able to quickly understand the situation and pick the most suitable solution from his register of techniques, experience and knowledge. Thanks to that, he leaves behind satisfied teams with great results. The first “foreign” reinforcement of once only Czech RainFellows.


Roman Šmiřák

Roman is the RainFellows leader. He has great ability to listen and ask the right questions. His passion energizes people. His strongest skill is connectedness – he connects people, needs and good result.

Martin Chmelař

Martin is a great coach and brilliant strategic thinker. He navigates others to figure out answers and help themselves.

Tomáš Tureček

Tomas solves complex problems with simple tools. Thanks to his support people can quickly find way forward and are motivated to take immediate action.

Jan Krchňák

Jan has a passion in games, by his words – “it’s fantastic educational tool”. Jan energizes everyone around him, people are quickly interested in what he says and they are willing to explore more.