We are building successful companies and teams

We are RainFellows and we help companies and their leaders to become more productive and efficient using Agile and Lean methodologies. By engaging people across internal borders, we build a culture of collaboration, openness and better communication.

What is our approach?

Agile and Lean

We fine-tune company processes using Agile and Lean methods. Company as whole obtains ability to gain advantage from unpredictable changes. Agile companies report more satisfied customers (higher NPS) and motivated employees (eNPS).

Strategy and focus

We align teams and management by co-creating strategy together. Long term focus on unique vision, short term execution and quarter strategy evaluation keeps everybody pulling the same end of the rope.

People first

We bring people together and they embrace a change (transformation) of company processes. How? People need to change their mindset and understand why and how the change happens. We elevate company culture from “they have decided” or “I know the best” to the level of WE and TOGETHER.

Our clients

Experience the RainFellows magic


Agile turnkey transformation

Are you starting or in the middle of an Agile transformation? Or are you looking to restart or shift Agile in your organization? We believe that every company needs to find its own path to Agile. At the same time, it doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel – there are plenty of patterns and answers to the questions that are bothering you. We offer you our 20+ years of experience of what works and doesn’t work. Together, we’ll find the optimal path for your organization and guide you along the way.


Tailor-made development programmes

Leaders are the culture and change agents and the engine of the organization. That’s why they need to be developed systematically. Tailored development programmes that move leaders’ skills and attitudes in the direction the company needs over the long term are ideal for this. At the same time, they must take into account what the leaders and the company are ready for at any given time.  

With our years of experience in designing programs using experiential learning principles and models, we will work with you to create a program that maximally immerses participants and leads them to practical hands-on experimentation, reflection and peer-to-peer sharing. Not only will the program have an immediate real impact on people, departments and the company, but it will also help leaders take responsibility for their own development and become co-creators of a stronger company culture that promotes collaboration and innovation.


Experiential workshops

The magic of our experiential workshops on Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Agile Culture and Leadership, Scaling, Lean, Kaizen and everything around them lies in the fact that we experience the ideal state together in the first step, which we then apply to the current situation in your company in the second step.
What people appreciate most about them is the interactivity, playfulness and simplicity of our delivery. As well as sharing our experience of leading several Agile transformations and how people solve specific things in other companies.


Individual coaching

As a leader, do you face new challenges every day and don’t have the opportunity to stop and gain perspective? In our one-on-one coaching, we provide a safe space for you to pause, sort out your thoughts, discuss options and possibly gain an outside perspective.


Good advice that costs you one click

Whether you have a topic that you need to talk about or just a question regarding our services, we’re here to discuss, help or point you in the right direction. Just leave us a message or call us at 724 748 425.


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