We are building successful companies and teams

We are RainFellows and we help companies and their leaders to become more productive and efficient using Agile and Lean methodologies. By engaging people across internal borders, we build a culture of collaboration, openness and better communication.

What is our approach?

Agile and Lean

We fine-tune company processes using Agile and Lean methods. Company as whole obtains ability to gain advantage from unpredictable changes. Agile companies report more satisfied customers (higher NPS) and motivated employees (eNPS).

Strategy and focus

We align teams and management by co-creating strategy together. Long term focus on unique vision, short term execution and quarter strategy evaluation keeps everybody pulling the same end of the rope.

People first

We bring people together and they embrace a change (transformation) of company processes. How? People need to change their mindset and understand why and how the change happens. We elevate company culture from “they have decided” or “I know the best” to the level of WE and TOGETHER.

Our clients

How we increase your business productivity


Effectivity and co-operation across the company

We are living the age of busy-ness. Everyone feels overloaded with several agendas, we switch between hundreds of tasks, we receive thousands of emails and notifications every day. As a consequence, we often hear from teams: ”We need more people, time and/or money”. It is actually not about adding something more (people, time, money), it is about doing less (less context switching, less work in progress, fewer walls in cooperation among people). It typically leads to 30% – 70% increase in productivity. First step: Lean workshop.


Innovating multi-million company

You can grow from a small idea to a big corporation only via constant improvement and innovation. At the same time companies get stuck in their status quo. The culture and processes settle in a standard way of working and thinking. If you don’t evolve you are going to disappear. We are members of start-up committee and respected mentors for start-up incubators and accelerators. We share our experience from our own start-ups.


Leadership and employee motivation

Paradoxically, fast technological progress highlights how important are people for company success. Stop complaining about lack of people on the market and start thinking how to attract great ones. Great people seek great environment build by great leaders. Together we elevate company’s culture from complains and finger pointing to culture of WE and TOGETHER.


Business driven IT (Agile / Lean)

Actual trends (Industry 4.0) suggest every company will become technological in very near future. We successfully integrate the two worlds of IT and business. Over 15 years we have been mastering Agile and Lean methods implementation especially in complex environments. We will share our practical experience from our projects including own startups where we apply the same principles. First step: Agile workshop.


Good advice that costs you one click

Whether you have a topic that you need to talk about or just a question regarding our services, we’re here to discuss, help or point you in the right direction. Just leave us a message or call us at 724 748 425.


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