Mastering Daily Standups

14. 3. 2022

It’s happening every single day and you still feel like there’s room for improvement. We’re talking about the Daily Standup, one of the most crucial Scrum ceremonies. We have prepared our best practices for you, which […]

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Attitudes of an agile coach – which is yours?

13. 10. 2021

Very often in agile transformations, we work with agile coaches. Either they already exist in the company, or we help to draft them, or we raise them ourselves from the ranks of employees. And we […]

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Agile engineering

15. 5. 2020

Agility has become popular across many industries. In IT where it has originated it is de facto standard. However, we also experience many Banks claiming they run more or less successfully an Agile transformation. Let’s […]

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Key moments technique to build the culture of WE

16. 5. 2019

Previous article defined Agile leadership. Now we ask the following questions: how to naturally and unobtrusively integrate everything described earlier into the  real life of the team and eventually build the culture level 4? For […]

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Agile Leadership

14. 5. 2019

We defined different culture levels and link to our inner beliefs we all carry with us in the previous article. Now we deal with a question: what is the role of the leader in the […]

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Agile Culture & Leadership

10. 5. 2019

Following up Jarek’s brilliant article (in Czech), we would take a closer look at one of the key areas of scaling Agile — the role of the leader and how to build the Agile culture. […]

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Fixed price contract for R&D project? Highway to failure

8. 2. 2015

Sometimes, no matter how exceptionally you do, a development project fails. And even if you apply the best practices in this area. Whether you are customer or supplier, a fixed-price contract most likely sends you […]

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