Eva Jedličková

When we were looking for a supplier that would help us understand what the Agile way of working means, we found RainFellows. And it was an incredibly useful discovery – they work in a playful interactive way thanks to which you understand principles of Scrum, Lean, what is Kanban, and much more. We value their positive approach and the energy they put into their work. They really understand Agile and also have a lot of experience, not only from the IT world. Everything they do is always tailored to our needs, we have fine-tuned a lot of activities iteratively so even what they deliver is done in an agile way. Participants of the courses, workshops, and mentoring meetings now have the desire to work in an agile way. I would recommend RainFellows to every company that is serious about their Agile transformation and wants real experts that will help along the way.