Mastering Daily Standups

It’s happening every single day and you still feel like there’s room for improvement. We’re talking about the Daily Standup, one of the most crucial Scrum ceremonies. We have prepared our best practices for you, which have worked for us in many teams and companies.

Best practices

  • The main goal of the Daily standup is to share progress towards the Sprint goal, identify blockers and define our the development plan for the next 24 hours (plan is defined by the team collectively).

  • Standup is primary sync meeting for the team, it should not be reporting to the PO, AC, stakeholders or management.

  • Meetings always starts on-time and we are not waiting for latecomers.

  • Webcam should be always turned on when we are connected remote.

  • Daily standup is a mandatory ceremony for all team members (PO/AC don’t need to be present all the time).

  • We are all responsible for meeting efficiency, not only facilitator or Agile coach.

  • If you can’t attend, inform the team in the chat and share your update before the standup.

  • Issues in your tracking tool (e.g. JIRA) have to be updated and set to correct state before each Daily standup meeting.

  • Daily standup doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, please postponed discussions that aren’t to the whole team for the time after (in a smaller group or separate call).

  • We are following the right hand rule – we go through the board from the top right to the bottom left and are thinking about how we could close the highest prio issues.

  • Always be transparent regarding current state of the tasks (forbidden statements are “maybe”,  “as soon as possible”,  “we will see”, “I hope so.“, … ).

  • Please share updates that are valuable for the others – e.g. “I’ve finished database optimization, now you can perform 1000 calls in parallel and today I will focus on a bug related to Consolidation app. I expect to fix it in the afternoon and Richard should test it afterwards.” instead of „I fixed the bug and will work on XYZ-811 today”).

  • Do not hesitate to ask for help, we are one team. (your problem = team problem).

  • If you won’t be available for the next 24 hours, please share the information with the team (vacation, doctor, long meetings, trainings, …).