Individual coaching

In our experience, the greatest leverage during a transformation or any organizational change is to engage leaders in one-on-one coaching and mentoring.


What happens during individual session

We have regular, one hour one-to-one sessions with a leader (typically Director, B-1 manager, Tribe lead role, Product Owner, Agile Coach) usually once every 14 days.

In the first one, the “client” defines the assignment, which typically looks like this:

  • Introduction to a new role or moving into an existing role (Tribe Lead, Product Owner)
  • Managing the challenges associated with organizational change / Agile transformation
  • Developing leadership and management competencies
  • Building a culture of partnership in the organization
  • Managing the pressure in challenging environments
  • Crisis management, scenario modeling & feedback
  • Internal stability of me as a leader
  • Communicating and building relationships in the organization so that everyone feels like an important part

Based on this assignment, which can also change throughout, we choose the method and approach. Sometimes it’s mentoring and sharing experiences, other times it’s providing developmental feedback or shadowing work with the team.

For other topics, it is coaching and changing mental habits/beliefs so that the client achieves a change in mindset, changing the internal emotional climate and thus making decisions from a position of inner strength and perspective.

Other times we move into a group session and do mediation. This is in the case of strained relationships in the workplace (Founders vs. CEO, Product Owner vs. the rest of the team, Agile Coach vs. Tribe Lead, etc.) Sometimes the situation flips to a personal level, and that’s where personal coaching and mediation come in.

Personal coaching and mediation

If the leader – or the key person in the company – has a personal problem, then the company always comes second and it is noticeable. Work challenges that the person in question would otherwise handle with insight and efficiency become a continuation of family dramas and frustrations.

We see a growing need to secure and nurture key people in the company, especially in these unprecedented times when fears of an uncertain future are growing. There is a lot of change going on all the time, even in things that used to be considered certainties and suddenly are not. People have become accustomed to the home office, so leaders are learning to build and maintain relationships “at a distance.” Tensions in families and personal relationships have increased significantly. There has been up to a 100% increase in worry, fear & depression in society. See the OECD report.

In our one-to-one sessions, we give space (often the only space the person has) to open up about these personal worries, frustrations, and pains that seemingly don’t belong in the work environment. Yet they have a big impact on the company.

What customers say

I didn’t have any great expectations from coaching. I wanted to see what it was all about. After the first six sessions, I felt a huge shift in myself, especially in the areas of determination and confidence. Even my colleagues started asking me what had happened to me. Roman’s approach fits me, I continue to work with him to shift other areas.

Michal Pachlopník

CEO, Artin


STOP! To be able to stop, to look back, and to think in silence is not easy in today’s hectic times and rapidly changing environment. As a coach, I know how terribly helpful and important this is! And so I have my coach to help me with this and to accompany me. With Roman, it started with a completely unassuming work topic, after three months we go “to the core” and our sessions are often a very emotional affair full of WOW effects and surprising moments that push me not only in my work life but also in my personal life. When I was recapping yesterday how far we’ve come, I couldn’t help but marvel… And I am so grateful for it! It’s impossible not to look forward to the hour when I will have time to think on my own and go a little further again with this great support! Even though it’s really hard work sometimes!

Martina Holasová

Agile Coach, T-Mobile

Roman’s Coaching helped me a lot both professionally and privately. Freedom of choice, concentration on the here and now, self-discipline, value anchoring, or maybe also visualization and mind-setting were all topics of our meetings. If like me, you decide to work with Roman, you will get the opportunity to meet a person who can quickly tune in to your string, and has extensive experience and much-needed insight nowadays. He will let you think and propose solutions and at the same time, he can come up with his own point of view at the right time. During our meetings, I always felt that there was a partner on the other side who was 100% committed to me and looking for the best ways to help me.
Roman, sincere thanks!

Jan Hovorka

Manager, Česká Spořitelna

Roman and I know each other through Rainfellows’ previous work on the Agile Transformation of Rohlik. The collaboration was a good fit and when Roman offered me the opportunity for personal coaching, I thought I’d give it a try. We’ve been meeting on a regular basis for about a year and a half and the line between career coaching and therapy has long since been blurred. I knew we were tuned in to the same wave before, but I never imagined the progress (far from just professional) we could make together. At the same time, 2x one hour a month is quite enough. It can’t be summed up other than that my life is much easier and happier because of our sessions together. And for that Roman has my huge thanks!

Ondřej Klamt

CTO, Rohlik Group

Roman is the definition of a top business coach in modern times. With over 20 years of friendship and professional experience, I can confidently say that his expertise in management and business coaching is second to none. He has a remarkable gift for mentoring and a passion for personal growth that sets him apart from the rest. Roman goes beyond the usual superficial coaching methods and digs deep into his clients’ core beliefs, empowering them to tackle even the toughest leadership challenges with newfound insight and determination. While it may not be for everyone, the effects are usually far-reaching and life-changing. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with a coach who truly changes lives – choose Roman.

Antonín Pokorny

Co-founder & Board Member, Newired


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