How consultants became owners

We at RainFellows have strong IT background. We started as excited Java Developers, later became Software Architects, Scrum Masters, Project Managers. We applied Agile and Lean thinking since our first days in IT. And the results showed immediately – our projects (that normally fail in IT) were considered successful by our colleagues, management, customers. And they started asking questions: “What did you do differently?”

Consultants don’t bleed

That was 2005 and that was the beginning of what we today call RainFellows. Back then, we provided trainings and mentoring. First, it was part time job, but within ½ year we transitioned into full time consultants. And we received mixed feedback – one type of feedback was typically from those we supported; the people really appreciated our knowledge and inspiration, support and leadership. The second one, typically from those who didn’t use our services, was criticism of consultants in general: “You consultants aren’t responsible for anything, you don’t guarantee anything except the invoice next month. But we inside the project bleed our own blood.”

Becoming co-owners

The first group (our customers) called us Bad Weather Friends (later transformed into the name RainFellows). They saw our unusually strong commitment as we would be members of customer company or project. But the other group still had troubles with consultants no matter what.

Today our clients are across many industries, not only IT. We have been using Success fee model for 2 years to emphasise our commitment and risk sharing with our clients. This year, we decided to go even further. We selected 5 companies where we have long and deep relationship with key people and we have and will become shareholders, co-owners of these companies. The step is taking us to the right level where our attitude has always been. Think and act as owner. Build something important and sustainable. Focus on value creation not hours charged.

New exciting project

These days we kick off another joint project. It is again in IT (which becomes an exception these days) so we get back to our roots. It is for Italian – Czech investors and the project will change the way companies build and transform their current IT systems. We build a team in Ostrava consisting of Java developers, JavaScript geeks, QA guards (you can read more info in letak_javascript_EN and letak_javaee_EN). You can greatly help us in this stage by recommending someone who needs to move to another level of competence and meaningful job. Together with us.