Our vision is a future generation of young people who have courage and self-confidence to succeed and understand the values like fair play and cooperation at the same time.

We believe in a society consisting of self-confident people aligned on shared values, which is naturally creative and open and has a desire to develop not only itself but also the surrounding world.

What do we do?

  • Professionally facilitated workshops

  • We develop the potential and talent of children and teenagers

  • We increase their self-confidence and self-awareness

  • We help them to find their career and future direction

  • We develop school teachers and principals

  • We develop trainers and members of sport clubs

  • We offer help in the development of modern education methods

The team behind the project?

Roman Šmiřák

I believe each of us is born with an inner compass showing us the way to follow in life. Each child has its talent and uniqueness and the most important is to help them to get rid of incorrect beliefs about themselves and the world, which they unconsciously absorb since they are born. Our program and coaching is, therefore, a cleaning brush for a brain.

Zuzka Zvěřinská

As a principal of accredited modelling school, I have learnt, how healthy self-confidence influences the final result and how the physical body of a woman is often erroneously perceived as a pillar of all being. As a motivator and lecturer in the area of interpersonal relationships, I have realized that people are nice and there is a unique story behind each of them. As a sports coach, I understand that success is a reflection of our thinking, imagination and hard work. Details don’t mean much – they mean everything. My family teaches me that wisdom is in acting.

Radovan Vladík

I try to honour my name and just enjoy life. I knew what it was like to be a teacher, headmaster, lecturer, analyst at Škoda Auto and much more. I am grateful for all the variability in my life. The world around us is not black and white, and each of us is a valuable original that has the opportunity to fulfil his/her life by purpose he/she was created for.

Katka Gruňová

During 10 years in recruitment, I have experienced different phases of the labour market. Nevertheless, I have always heard from companies that there are not suitable candidates. On the other hand, graduates say they have a harder position in the market, or they even don’t know what they want to do. The question of why the two sides do not see each other led me to work with students and graduates. I help them find their strengths, needs and motivation so they dare to ask for such a job that would fulfil them.

Radek Gajdušek

I like to inspire others, pass on my experience entertainingly, and help them discover the world to find the right passion of theirs. Since childhood I have been scouting, I started as a Scout boy, later I was a Scout leader. I know from practice how important it is for children and young people to have good examples and role models around them that will direct them in the right direction, so I am very happy to be part of the BrainBrush project.

How do we work?

Summer School of Business

Joint meeting of teachers and secondary school students outside their normal environment under the auspices of the Moravian-Silesian Region. The aim is to present modern business principles and strengthen the idea of teacher-student partnership.

„In June 2019 I had the opportunity to participate in the Summer School of Business under the guidance of RainFellows. The program of the event was quite intense and ended in the evening. In the first part, we introduced each other and said what we would like to be in the future. We have learned to defend this decision and not be ashamed of it. At first, I was afraid to express my opinion, because in the future I would like to be a “forester” and in most cases, I only met with mockery, but after absolving SSB I proudly communicate it and I am not ashamed. Another important clue was Jung’s personality typology, as well as the introduction of Lean and Agile techniques that are being introduced to many companies today. I am extremely grateful for this extraordinary experience and I will happily treasure these memories for a long time.“

                                 Veronika Paseková, 18 years (student)

„The event was well organized and led by professional RainFellows lecturers. For me, it was an interesting variegation before the end of the school year and I got a lot of new ideas and also another motivation for teaching practice. I have also appreciated the opportunity to spend time together with students and the opportunity to get to know them other than just in the classroom environment. It was just an interesting mix of formal and informal – to educate, but in a pleasant environment, in the form of games and with nice people. The two students who attended the workshop with me were excited too. I can only recommend the Summer School of Business from RainFellows to everyone.“

Roman Blaha, 43 years (teacher)

„Thank you for the meaningful event that had the charge. The event was implemented within the activities of the Regional Action Plan for the Development of Education in Moravian-Silesian Region project.“

Aneta Krakovková Raděvičová, Moravian-Silesian Region

You Can Run Business Too

A set of lectures and workshops for high school students to motivate them through sharing personal stories to start their own business.

“The biggest wow for me was the personality typology.”

“Dad has a business, I will benefit from business skills. It was beneficial, thanks.”

“You are amazing at what you do and I will be happy if you continue doing so.”

“Personality typology was the most important thing for me because the most important thing is to know myself.”

workshop participants

Mental training of sports clubs

Individual and team mental training of sports clubs in various industries. We work with coaches, players, adolescents and youth

In the work of a youth coach we often encounter mistakes in the mental setup of young players. Mental preparation is an important part of sports training and training with RainFellows shows us ways to overcome some of the shortcomings that hinder the achievement of young players’ sporting goals. At each meeting, we find out how many new horizons we have in front of us to develop our skills and abilities, and working with experienced professionals allows us to guide us through these horizons. Mental training with “the rain fellows” became an important impulse for further coaching work.

Mojmír Trličík – Head coach of Juniors, HC Vítkovice Ridera