How Agile are we really? – Part 2

4. 5. 2023

In the first part of our series, we covered why you should be interested in Agile maturity in your teams or organizations and how to look at it. In the next installment of our series, we’ll focus on “measuring Agile mechanics”.

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How Agile are we really? – Part 1

30. 3. 2023

Do you have agility? And could I see it? How agile are we? Does agility help us? Questions like these come up quite often during Agile Transformation. The company needs to know where it stands with Agile, but how to do it?

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Searching for Vision (not only) in Agile organization

6. 9. 2021

OKRs or Objectives and Key Results are everywhere these days. A lot of the companies jump onto this trendy bandwagon but do not have the right base for their OKRs. For it to work, it […]

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Agile engineering

15. 5. 2020

Agility has become popular across many industries. In IT where it has originated it is de facto standard. However, we also experience many Banks claiming they run more or less successfully an Agile transformation. Let’s […]

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Key moments technique to build the culture of WE

16. 5. 2019

Previous article defined Agile leadership. Now we ask the following questions: how to naturally and unobtrusively integrate everything described earlier into the  real life of the team and eventually build the culture level 4? For […]

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Agile Leadership

14. 5. 2019

We defined different culture levels and link to our inner beliefs we all carry with us in the previous article. Now we deal with a question: what is the role of the leader in the […]

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Agile Culture & Leadership

10. 5. 2019

Following up Jarek’s brilliant article (in Czech), we would take a closer look at one of the key areas of scaling Agile — the role of the leader and how to build the Agile culture. […]

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My First-Hand Experience with the Start-up Nation

24. 4. 2019

Frequent migraines in my childhood made me use other sources than reading books. And the eye-to-eye meetings have always been the first in the line. I need to see and hear things with my own […]

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