Agile Transformation of Rohlik Group

In the fall of 2020, the Rohlik Group approached us with the need to transition the organization to Agile. Rohlik Group’s main motivation was to increase the speed of delivery, better handle needs of the countries, and provide better “ownership” of delivery at the team level. In December 2020, we jointly developed an organizational blueprint and flipped the teams to the new Agile way of working from January to March 2021.

The most intense collaboration took place between December 2020 and August 2021, and we are currently continuing coaching and ad-hoc mentoring of leaders.


What problem was Rohlik Group trying to solve?

In the beginning, as a start-up was naturally Agile. As it grew, it needed to formalize/standardize its way of working more, thus the Agile way of working disappeared. The PMO (Project Management Office) was introduced. But the consequence of this was that the delivery of new functionality slowed down even more and the innovation that was crucial for disappeared completely. Therefore, the decision was made to cancel the PMO and introduce back Agility.

Why did they choose us?

Based on recommendations and experience from one-off workshops (Lean Game) in the past, we were invited to participate in the selection process. Compared to other consulting companies, we offered an iterative, customized transformation approach (Transformation Starter Pack) instead of a comprehensive transformation package. also required extremely fast collaboration, flexibility in deadlines and frequent validation with key people in the company (CTO, Chief of Staff). From the moment of first contact, we launched the transformation within 14 days.

How did the transformation begin?

In December 2020 we started with joint workshops where we understood the context and situation in (size of the organization, concept of organizational structure, existing OKR process). Based on this, we created an Agile Playbook (what Agile will look like in Rohlik, tribe/squad design and process). As of January 2021, we have already run pilot runs with the first squads. The initial kick off of squads was followed by a smooth roll-out to all Tribes and Squads across Rohlik (4 Tribes and 14 Squads in total by the end of Q1/2021).

Our role in the Rohlik Group transformation in a nutshell:

  • Design and roll out into an agile organisation
  • Training the entire organization
  • Mentoring 2 squads at the squad level
  • Executive coaching of CTO, Tribe leads
  • Mentoring Agile coaches, Product owners, Chapter leads and Agile leader
  • Product owner team development
  • Content workshops as needed (User story mapping, OKR workshops, etc.)

How did the collaboration work?

If you are interested in the details of the transformation, including the successes and fuck-ups, watch the video that describes the entire transformation from the perspective of CTO Ondra Klamt, accompanied by important insights from our transformation coach Roman Šmiřák. 

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